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Welcome to AuthentiQuest

AuthentiQuest is an online solution that allows employers to simply carry out pre-employment and background checks on employees and job candidates. AuthentiQuest is simple and straightforward to use while securing quick and accurate results; our pay as you go model makes it easy for you to sign up and start using today.


1-100 applications per annum
£10 Plus standard DS/DBS

100-1000 applications per annum
£5 Plus standard DS/DBS

Over 1000 applications per annum
£3 Plus standard DS/DBS

What is a Pre-Employment Check?

  • A check of a candidate's background that may include employment, education, right to work, criminal record, credit history and driving license checks
  • Criminal background checks typically include Standard and Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks or Standard and Enhanced Disclosure Scotland (DS) Checks plus Basic Checks currently via Disclosure Scotland (DS)
  • Employment check to validate a candidates employment history
  • A pre-employment check allows helps protect your business, your staff members and your customers


"We were looking for a solution to address the delays to our recruitment process because of DBS checks. When we first saw the Authentiquest demonstration we were hopeful that it would address our issue and, with the expert assistance of the Terraquest team, we were able to bespoke the system to cater for our unique circumstances. We are very happy to say that the turnaround times for the majority of our DBS checks is significantly reduced and they no longer hold up the recruitment of our new employees."

- Government body